Irish Bloggers Debunk Misconceptions About Delhi Metro, Call It “Safest, Cleanest”

Watch: Irish Bloggers Debunk Misconceptions About Delhi Metro, Call It 'Safest, Cleanest'

The video has accumulated over 245,000 views.

A video of two Irish bloggers debunking misconceptions about Delhi Metro that foreigners may hear is going viral on Instagram. In the clip, Isabelle Geraghty and Colin Finnerty, Irish vloggers from Vietnam, travel in the Delhi Metro and review the various facilities and stations. They also mentioned things that left them “shocked” and called the Delhi Metro one of the “smoothest, safest and cleanest metros” they’ve come across in any city. 

“With all the misconceptions about Delhi that a foreigner might hear, as well as the fact that metros in general are places to be cautious as a tourist in ANY country, we were apprehensive about whether using the metro of an Indian megacity was a good idea or not,” the caption of the post read. 

“Needless to say we were both shocked at what we found here. The Delhi metro is one of the smoothest, safest and cleanest metros we have come across in any city we’ve been. Not to mention how cheap it is. As a budget backpacker, we highly recommend this option if you’re thinking of travelling here,” it added. 

Take a look at the video below: 

The clip starts with Ms Isabelle being nervous to travel on the “best metro ever”. The duo start their journey with the baggage scanner area, finding it comforting for safety purposes. They then head towards the electronic ticket machine and are shocked at how cheap the ticket is. 

Once inside the train, the two were wonderstruck by the features of the Delhi Metro. They were surprised to find air-conditioned carriers, presence of plug sockets for charging electronics, special seats for elderly and female passengers and a whole carriage separately for women. 

“Aside from skipping the famously bad traffic, we were able to navigate this huge city with ease and spend no more than 30-50 rupees on a trip which spared us both financially and emotionally by not needing to argue with a tuktuk over pricing,” Ms Isabelle wrote in the caption. “After 5 months in India we have learned that most of the time, everythings a lot safer than you think it is and most people are good people,” she added. 

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Internet users were quick to react to the post. “YAYYYYY finally a reel which actually tells everyone that Delhi has the best metro,” wrote one user. “Well, I’m pretty surprised! I was expecting tones of people and a huge mess! I especially loved the carriage just for the ladies! I would definitely get the Delhi metro!!” expressed another. 

“Had been using Delhi metro every day since last 3+ years. Never ever faced any ruckus juvenile or rude behaviour. People willingly volunteer to offer their seat to the elderly/in need people,” shared a third user. 

“Have been using the Delhi metro since 11 years now, the convenience it has brought to our lives is unimaginable. Glad you too had a positive experience,” said a fourth user. 

The clip has accumulated more than 13,000 likes and over 245,000 views. 

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