“Logon Ko Masala Nahi Mila Toh…”: Gautam Gambhir On His Equation With Virat Kohli

Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli, two of the most talked-about cricketing personalities, made the biggest of headlines last season in the Indian Premier League (IPL) after their on-field spat. Gambhir and Kohli went loggerheads over the latter’s sledging episode with Lucknow Super Giants pacer Naveen-ul-Haq on the field. However, as Gambhir, as the mentor of Kolkata Knight Riders, saw his team come up against Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) this season, fans’ expectations fell flat, seeing the two hug each other on the field. Gambhir, in a candid chat, didn’t hesitate in asserting that people need ‘masala’.

“It is all about TRPs. Media has got no clue what kind of a person I am, what kind of a person Virat is. All the media wants to do is create hype. But hype can also be created in a positive way,” Gambhir said on Star Sports, summing up the public opinion on his relationship with Virat.

After the Kohli-Gambhir hug in IPL 2024, the RCB star bluntly said that people didn’t get to see what they wanted, and hence, were “disappointed”. Gambhir agreed with Virat’s sentiments.

“I absolutely second what Virat said. Logon ka masala nahi mila toh (The gossip bit is over for people). As I said, when two people are mature enough, I don’t think so anyone has got any right to interfere between two people’s life or their relationships because ultimately, it is between two of them,” Gambhir added on the subject.

Gambhir also humorously acknowledged Kohli’s dancing skills and said, “Even if I want to, I cannot pull off even one move. So if I had to learn something from Virat, it would be his dance moves.”

The Kolkata Knight Riders’ mentor also gave his expert opinion on the chatter around batters’ strike-rates this campaign, particularly with respect to Virat Kohli.

“Every player has a different game. What Maxwell can do, Kohli cannot and what Kohli can do, Maxwell cannot. You need to have different types of batters in your XI. If from No.1 to No.8 you stack it up with explosive batters, you may score 300 but also get bowled out for 30,” Gambhir asserted.

For the former India star, the comprehension of strike-rates is subjective, depending upon the demands of the game.

“When you win, even a strike rate of 100 is good. But when you lose despite having a strike rate of 180, no one talks about it. That is the reality,” Gambhir stressed.

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