Man Kills Wife, Keeps Body For 4 Days, Then Asks Neighbours To Call Cops

Man Kills Wife, Keeps Body For 4 Days, Then Asks Neighbours To Call Cops

Bharat Singh (55) has been arrested for murdering his wife Sunita (51)

New Delhi:

A 55-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly murdered his wife and kept her body at home for four days. When an unbearable stench started coming from their Ghaziabad home, Bharat Singh sat in front of his house, started screaming that he had killed his wife and asked neighbours to call the cops.

The incident has been reported at a rented flat in a housing colony in Ghaziabad. Senior police officer Naresh Kumar said the body of Sunita (51) was recovered from the flat yesterday. “We were informed by the neighbours that Bharat had choked his wife Sunita to death. On reaching there, we found the body at their home. The murder appears to have happened at least three days back. We have arrested the accused. He has told us during questioning that he killed his wife during an altercation over a family issue. We have informed the woman’s family members and sent the body for autopsy,” he said, adding that the investigation is on.

A neighbour said they were clueless about the crime till Singh told them that he had killed his wife and wanted to surrender to the cops. “Her body was at home for 4-5 days before police arrived and recovered the body,” he said.

Another neighbour described how Singh sat outside his home and told every passer-by that he had killed his wife. “We don’t know what happened. He sat here and screamed, ‘I have killed my wife, get me arrested.’ So we called the cops and they found the body. We do not need anything else,” he said.

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