“Perks Of Dating A”: New Viral Trend Has Got Internet Talking About Indian States Foods

India is a land of rich diversity, which is even reflected in the country’s food culture. Believe it or not, we, Indians, are truly blessed to be surrounded by such delicious and aromatic flavours. Travelling from one city to another is nothing less than a flavourful ride even for the taste buds. At the same time, the rich Indian food culture often gives birth to unique trends. The Valentine’s Day fever has given a similar food trend—a romantic touch. It is called “Perks of dating a…”, wherein the foodies on the internet reveal the state from where their partner belongs and the name of the dish that represents the area. The trend has left many users enthusiastic, with many users flooding the internet with pictures of the dish that represents their partner’s state. Let us take a look at a few of them.
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A user shared a picture of a massive Gujarati Thali. The picture was nothing less than a feast. We could see ten varieties of sabzi, two different types of dal, six varieties of desserts, three types of chapatis, papad, rice and of course a glass full of chhaach (buttermilk). Phew! Sharing the picture, the user wrote, “Perks of dating an Ahmedabadi.”

Well, a picture featuring a Rajasthani Thali gave a good competition to the feast from Gujarat. The thali featured about 12 sabzis, four varieties of chapatis, two different types of raitas, two types of rice dishes and whatnot. The text along with the click read, “Perks of dating a Rajasthani.”

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Next up was a user from Maharashtra who shared a simple plate full of local dishes. It carried a few puris, puran poli, modak and different types of pickles. Along with the click, the user wrote, “Perks of dating a Maharashtrian.”

A South Indian partner was represented by a picture of filter coffee. In another click, we could see a complete South Indian spread on a banana leaf. It included Sambhar, rasam, rice and vadas among others. The text read, “Perks of dating a South Indian.” Check out the post here:

A user talked about the “Perks of dating an Agrawasi,” and shared a picture of colourful pethas and different street food. Here is the post:

Under the note “Perks of dating a Bhopalan”, we could see multiple varieties of Poha. Take a look at it here:

Which of these dishes from Indian states is your ultimate favourite?

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