When In Siliguri, Shamita Shetty Couldnt Resist Indulging In A Traditional Bengali Thali

Our favourite foodie from B-Town, Shamita Shetty, is currently in Siliguri, West Bengal. And, of course, she couldn’t resist indulging in the authentic cuisine of the state. The actress recently shared a video showcasing her traditional platter. In the video, Shamita expresses, “I really wanted to try the traditional food here. My mouth is watering.” She then proceeds to introduce the items on her desi platter. Starting with the beverages, she presents the traditional buttermilk drink called ghol. For starters, she was going to have mochar chop, a snack made from banana, paired with a mustard sauce known as kasundi. Following that, there was jhuri aloo bhaja, a potato-based snack.
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Transitioning to the main course, Shamita was about to enjoy baigan bhaja, a mutton dish, along with various types of curries. Rice and papad were also visible on her plate. Lastly, she shared that her dessert included mishti doi and gulab jamun. Her spread truly showcased the richness and diversity of West Bengal’s culinary delights. “Exploring Siliguri one delicious bite at a time – because local authenticity is the truest passport to flavour! Compliments to the chef Hasibur, Thank you Ashis Biswa and Sourav for organizing this,” wrote Shamita Shetty in the caption of the post. Take a look:

Just like Shamita Shetty, if you also wish to enjoy Bengali cuisine, below are some recipes that you can try:

1. Ghol

Ghol is a traditional Bengali drink made from yogurt, water, and spices. Known for its refreshing taste, it often accompanies meals and is particularly popular during festivals and celebrations. Click here for the recipe.

2. Baigan Bhaja

A classic Bengali dish that features slices of eggplant coated in a spiced gram flour batter and shallow-fried until golden brown. It is a popular vegetarian delicacy enjoyed for its crispy texture and savory flavours. Recipe here.

3. Mishti Doi

It is a sweetened yogurt dessert hailing from Bengal. Mishti doi is characterized by its creamy consistency and caramelised sugar flavour. Often served in earthen pots, this delightful dessert is a staple in Bengali households and adds a sweet note to festive occasions. Want the recipe? Click here.

4. Chingri Malai Curry

This dish showcases prawns cooked in a rich and creamy coconut milk-based gravy. The combination of succulent prawns and aromatic spices makes it a flavourful and indulgent seafood delicacy. Detailed recipe here.
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5. Bengali Lamb Curry

Known for its robust flavours, Bengali lamb curry features tender pieces of lamb slow-cooked in a medley of aromatic spices. This hearty dish is a testament to Bengali culinary expertise, combining meaty goodness with the distinctive spices that define the region’s cuisine. Check out the recipe here.

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